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Case study demonstrates how helped improve their web design and development

Client Background:

  • Client Name: SBS Expedited
  • Industry: Logistics and Transportation
  • Website:

Challenge: SBS Expedited, a logistics and transportation company, approached with the following challenges:

  1. Outdated Website: The existing website was outdated, unresponsive, and not optimized for mobile devices.

  2. Poor User Experience: Navigation was difficult, leading to high bounce rates, and the overall user experience needed improvement.

  3. Inadequate Brand Representation: The website didn't effectively convey the professionalism and reliability of SBS Expedited, undermining their market presence.


1. Modernized Web Design:

  • conducted a comprehensive redesign of, giving it a fresh, modern look that aligned with the client's brand identity.
  • The new design emphasized user-friendly navigation and intuitive layout for improved user experience.

2. Responsive Design:

  • The website was made fully responsive, ensuring seamless functionality across all devices, including mobile phones and tablets.
  • This responsive design approach aimed to capture a wider audience and reduce bounce rates.

3. Content Optimization:

  • restructured and optimized the content to communicate SBS Expedited's services, reliability, and commitment to customer satisfaction effectively.
  • New content highlighted their competitive advantages and industry expertise.

4. Enhanced Performance:

  • Performance optimization techniques were implemented to enhance the website's speed and loading times, improving overall user experience.

5. Integration of Contact Forms:

  • Contact forms were strategically placed to encourage user engagement and inquiries, making it easier for potential clients to reach out.


1. Improved User Experience:

  • The redesigned website resulted in a significantly improved user experience, leading to a reduced bounce rate and longer average session durations.

2. Increased Inquiries:

  • The strategic placement of contact forms led to a notable increase in inquiries and quote requests from potential clients.

3. Enhanced Brand Image:

  • The new design and optimized content effectively conveyed SBS Expedited's professionalism and reliability, strengthening their brand image.

4. Mobile Accessibility:

  • The responsive design made the website accessible on mobile devices, capturing a larger portion of the mobile user market.

Conclusion: Through a strategic combination of modern web design, responsive development, content optimization, and performance enhancements, successfully transformed into a user-friendly and visually appealing platform. This not only improved user engagement and brand representation but also increased inquiries, ultimately contributing to SBS Expedited's online success in the logistics and transportation industry.

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