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Ajooba for the Best SEO Brampton

In a nutshell, SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION, SEO, is all techniques that are used to make sure that a website appears as significant as possible to the search engines relative to a certain keyword or keyword phrase. If a website is very important in a niche or for a certain keyword, then it will appear higher than other websites on the Search Engine Results Page when a user keys in the particular keyword or keyword phrase to search using the search engine. SEO can be viewed as a both a science and an economic discipline. It is a science in the view that it is concerned with several dependent variables, the alteration of which results in improvement or diminishment of an independent one, namely the PageRank or position in the SERP for a search phrase. It is an economic discipline because it is a major component of INTERNET MARKETING, which is principally concerned of advertising a company and/or its products to improve sales. Whichever side you believe SEO falls, one thing you can be sure of is that Ajooba, the top digital marketing agency in Canada, offers the best SEO Brampton, Mississauga, Toronto and for other communities in Canada.

Best SEO Brampton: Garnering For Important Search Traffic

The primary goal for Internet marketing is to increase traffic for a website. With an increase in traffic, the owner can expect a directly proportional increase in conversions. Conversions mean sales and achievement of the chief objective of most firms out there today. There are many techniques that can be used to achieve a good measure of traffic but the importance of search traffic is undeniable. Not only does it form the greater percentage of the traffic of most websites but also, it represents a category of users that are much easier to convert. How is that?

Users who land on your website from search engines are people who are actually looking to solve a particular need that can be satisfied through the services or products you offer on your website. Take for instance, a competitive (heavily contested) keyword like ‘best headphones’. A user searches on GOOGLE using this phrase and arrives at your website is someone you can easily sell headphones to. And obviously if your website is so important for the keyword to Google that the visitor arrived there that easily, then you are someone who sells headphones. Visitors who land on your website from other places like Facebook or Twitter might simply be enthusiasts and depending on your firm’s goals, may not form an important category of visitors.

We at Ajooba, as a digital marketing company in Canada, fully appreciate how important search traffic is to a website. We are the best agency for best SEO Brampton and we are ready to make your website an authority in your niche. Looking for a good SEO solution that does not exceed your internet marketing budget?

Best SEO Brampton: Ajooba Does WHITE HAT

There are two generally accepted forms of SEO; blackhat SEO and whitehat SEO. These forms of SEO can be directly equated to two kinds of students; one who cheats to pass his exams and attain an educational degree or one who studies hard, gets the degree and emerges from school as an expert in the field of study. As attaining a degree and beginning a career being the goal of both students, it can be seen that the cheating students attains the goal more easily and much faster than the student who chooses to study hard. The cheating student, however, risks expulsion and leaving school ‘half-baked’ and incompetent.

The same applies to blackhat and whitehat SEO. The techniques used in blackhat SEO deliver improvements in PageRank much faster but are generally banned by most search engines. They involve such things as purchasing huge numbers of backlinks and using over-optimized content. The backlinks may be from unrelated websites (sites outside the niche) but being from higher-ranking sources deliver a surge up the SERP. Possible penalties from use of blackhat SEO include blacklisting – a complete banning and deletion from the search engine index. There is a lucky lot who get away with it and enjoy a period of glory, albeit a short one.

Whitehat SEO, on the other hand, which is the AJOOBA specialty, comprises more ethical methods of attaining a good PageRank. Techniques include good WEB DESIGNING, subtly optimized content and linking moderately to related and better ranking websites. In a typical case it takes longer to move up ranks to good positions on the results page for a search phrase but the effect is more permanent and, done by a marketer with the required expertise, it can happen nearly as fast as when unethical SEO is used. With practices like continually writing good content and submitting authoritative articles to directories, a determined marketer can land on page #1 and remain there. Ajooba whitehat techniques for the best SEO Brampton!

Ajooba SEO Brampton, Toronto, Mississauga, And Larger Canada: The Experts

Come do SEO with the experts. We provide the best digital marketing services in Canada and ways of targeting these communities using proven and tested SEO techniques. Prove superior in your niche, attain a favourable rank and retain it. Choose Ajooba today!

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