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The whole process of web designing starts from the business owner himself or herself. It is up to them to have a clear-cut mission and set of objectives which must then be represented in the design of the business website. Every company/firm/business must be able to present itself as a brand in order to appeal to customers and potential customers as an organization that holds certain values in as far as the pursuit to solve customer needs and wants is concerned. This brand must be carried in the theme and design of the website. Having been in the web development industry for a while now, Ajooba is poised to offer the best web designing ever among web design companies Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton and the larger Canada. This not just in terms of the quality we have to offer, but in terms of affordability and plans that go hand in hand with the long term objectives you have for your business.

Web designing brings together content creators, programmers and graphic designers. To achieve the very best web designing, your business must have a well coordinated team of contractors who have the very best of all these skills. Content creation must deliver content that is easy to read, engaging, interesting and that pulls the visitor to keep reading. It must also be able to pull visitors to make a purchase or otherwise to take an interest to whatever it is you have on offer. That is not to mention, of course, that it must be well optimized with a view to tap search traffic, one of the surest sources of convertible traffic. The Graphic design must be on point and must subtly represent the image you want to portray to the world. The web programming must be done by skilled personnel who know how best to put together the content and graphic design for the best results. This is something you can only get in the most experienced among web design companies Toronto.

Now, instead of setting out to find contractors for yourself, why not let someone else who has the expertise and experience do the web designing for you? If you want to in particular effectively target the local community of Toronto, it is where Ajooba comes in – for the best web design company Toronto Canada!

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Ajooba for Web Designing Toronto – It Starts from the Home Page

The home page is the most obvious landing page for traffic, though there may be other pages. By landing page, we mean that it is the page most of your visitors see first when they access the website either from advertisements or from the link displayed on the search engine results page (SERP). As such:

Your homepage must clearly and quickly outline your services and call your visitors to action. There are virtually millions of websites on the Internet and a good percentage of them offer similar products and services, or otherwise serve a similar purpose to your own website. Inside the first 10 seconds of a visitor landing in your website, their must be able to discover what it is all about and what it offers. Deploy good content on the homepage that gives a clear idea of what your company is all about. Let it be well optimized too!

Good web designing dictates that your homepage must give incentives for visitors to want to go deeper into the website. For instance, there should be gateways in the form of links to each of the services you offer and a place to find out important details like pricing plans. If visitors find they have to scrap around looking for something, they won’t hesitate to move on to your competitor’s website. You must be able to research what your potential visitors want and have a home page that conveys this.

The homepage must also feature an attractive graphic design that is easy on the eye. Good graphic design is a feature that will leave your visitor seeking to find out what good services you have on offer.

We at Ajooba know the amount of emphasis that must be put on a website’s homepage. Do web designing with the people who know how it works!

Ajooba for Web Designing Toronto – Clear Website Hierarchy and Structure

Your website must be conveniently broken down into sections each showcasing an aspect of your company. This is important, not only for navigability, but also for a better implementation of on page Search Engine Optimization (SEO). On page SEO is the branch of SEO that deals with how well the website and its pages are optimized for the search engines. It is much harder for the search engine bots to properly ‘crawl’ a website that is not organized with a proper hierarchy, as can be seen from Google’s own web design guidelines. If the bots can’t read your website’s contents then you miss out on search traffic. It can not be overstated how important hierarchy and navigability are for good web designing.

A good example of some sections that you can have in your website includes About Us, Products and Services, Blog, Customer Care and so forth. The user/visitor should be able to navigate to and from these sections with ease so they can stay on your website for longer and thus improving your PageRank. Also, it will help a lot when the human testers visit your website as per the Google Panda update.

Ajooba remains your complete solution for the best web designing company Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton and the rest of Canada. Get the best rates as well as the most competent service from Ajooba today!